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Frequently Asked Questions

Has a safety helmet got a lifespan?

Yes – Most of them 3 years

Are bolts identified by their hardness or the markings on them?

All bolts should be marked with their qualities on the hex head

Do high viz vests need to meet a standard?

Yes – for site conditions

Can holesaws be extended in length?

Yes – with a 150mm or 300mm extension

Can we drill rebar in concrete when we hit it?

Yes with a special drill bit in rotary mode

Are there special drill bits for drilling stainless steel?

Yes – Cobalt bits will usually suffice

Do cordless power tool batteries have a ‘memory’?

Most modern batteries do not, however if there are any they will be NI-CAD

Do magnetic drills have to be used on a steel base?

No – they can attached to other materials using suction

How do I establish a drill size for a particular tap?

Subtract the ‘pitch’ from the tap size ie 4mm – 0.7mm = 3.3mm drill bit

What does the term SDS mean?

Developed in Germany it stands for Steken-Drehen-Sicken, roughly translated is `insert, twist, secure’.

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